The D.C. Confererence

From breakfasts to breakout sessions to the seated dinners and after-dinner reception — our team knows you and your guests don’t want the same food over and over again. You’re already stuck with the same people, and maybe the same set of rooms, might as well mix up the food selections. We’ll work in lockstep with your multi-phased event to design an experience that gets your people excited for the next event on the agenda.

The Corporate Luncheon

We’ve worked in an office and there’s nothing better on a Wednesday to stimulate the team or settle a massive dispute than an incredible lunch spread. How can Bill from comms be that mad about this campaign when he’s housing on incredible roast beef? Do something different. Maybe even healthy for Sharon? We’ll make a spread that both impresses your guests and eats easy -- so they don’t have stains for their happy hour.

The Happy Hour

Most of the time nobody pays attention to the food at D.C. happy hours and only comes for the free Large Annoying Bird Island IPA. We’ve changed that. Not only will you have better beer at our events, you’ll have food people will load-up on (and we’ll keep it totally within ethics rules).

“Outstanding catering company. I’ve worked with many caters for political events over my 17 years in DC and these guys really shine. I particularly like how they go out of their way to load in and out in ways and at times that are least disruptive to the other aspects of event set up and tear down that have to take place. Plus, their menu is fresh and different from the typical DC rubber chicken dinners. Avila is going to be my go-to choice for catering.”

Cory C.

The D.C. Wedding

Want to make a statement? From custom craft cocktails that remind you of your first date (or not) to a coursed meal caterered to the bride and groom’s upbringings — we’ll design a total experience that will impress an Ambassador if you have to.

The DIY Wedding

Want to get it done? You're doing this thing yourself but damnit you're hiring a caterer. That's us. Let’s do a buffet or family style and make sure everyone at your wedding goes home with a FitBit that’s liable to explode on the ride share home.

The Salon Dinner

So that’s like a seated dinner that’s a little bigger than you want to do yourself right? Yea. Well, our food will get everyone talking. You’ve got a group that’s not met each other, or maybe they’re your oldest and best friends in the world. Our team will work with you to design a perfect high-end menu that gives guests something to talk about in every course — either from your home, a fancy AirBNB, or one of the city's best venues.

The Washington Social Event

Graduations, anniversary, birthday parties, 🎉, mitzvahs, all of them. Everything. We’ll work around a pop-a-shot. We’ll even bust out a piñata if we need to. We can also get your guests responsibly drunk on amazing cocktails.